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Our History

MediClub, set up in the 1970s by Andrew Howard, was the very first independent specialist advisory service for doctors and dentists.

Having landed on a crash trolley at the age of 35, Andrew was evangelical about the need for insurance but he was also years ahead of his time in establishing a fee based service.

Mediclub history
About MediClub

About MediClub

Financial advice is an intangible and the value of it is invariably unquantifiable. Consequently, MediClub charges a small annual subscription to pay for ongoing analysis and research undertaken on behalf of the membership as a whole and to free us up to be able to offer such impartial advice and guidance as may be required from time to time.

Andrew’s legacy and ethos prevails almost 50 years on through Jeremy’s mindful, consultative approach. On occasion that may be persuading clients not to take a certain course of action, for example, guiding them in buying a house or saving for retirement. We pride ourselves on our holistic approach to financial planning and strongly believe that time spent avoiding losses is as valuable as that spent making gains.

MediClub is not a sales orientated organisation, preferring to nurture clients and develop a professional working relationship for the long term. We have looked after many senior members of the profession since qualification and are extremely proud of the reputation that we have earned over many years.


Jeremy Howard

Jeremy Howard

Mediclub Consultant

Jeremy is a specialist financial consultant who has been looking after the financial needs of the medical & dental professions for over 30 years. As a small business owner and family man, Jeremy has accrued all the experience necessary not only to empathise with his clients’ circumstances and aspirations but also to advise them appropriately.

His approach to financial planning is the same as it is to playing a game of chess, that is, it pays to think a few moves ahead.

Impartial, objective and professional financial advice