Investments & Savings for Doctors and Dentists

How and where you save will very much depend on your individual circumstances and requirements. Other factors include your attitude to risk and time scale over which you wish to save as well as the reason for saving.

Investment and saving are different concepts. For example, saving for tax or towards a deposit for a house or flat cannot really be construed as investment, principally because you would not normally be prepared to countenance any degree of risk.

Investments & Savings for Doctors and Dentists


  • Bank deposit accounts
  • Building society savings accounts
  • Online accounts
  • National Savings Certificates
  • Premium Bonds
  • Cash ISAs

While setting aside some money for a rainy day is always good, there are better options for you. MediClub equips doctors with sound financial planning in order to grow their savings with strategically placed investments.


There is a wide range of savings and investment vehicles and options available to the investor. Building an investment portfolio must take into account tax opportunities and implications, attitude to risk and reward and balancing it to the need for income, growth or both.

Following a detailed personal review of your current financial position, aspirations and objectives, we will assess all of the above factors with you before making recommendations for your asset portfolio. Wealth creation and management is an ongoing process and we will look to meet regularly to ensure the best chance of your objectives being met. This comprehensive review of our clients’ finances allows us to give the most reliable investment advice to doctors and dentists.

  • Unit Trusts
  • OEICs
  • Investment Trusts
  • ISAs
  • Government Gilts
  • Corporate Bonds
Wealth Management

Specialist Wealth Management Services

MediClub has access to the specialist Wealth Management Service available through Chantler Kent Investments (recently rated in the top 100 financial advisor awards). It is a bespoke, fee based investment service using the most up to date and sophisticated software programme offering flexibility, accessibility and tax efficiency not hitherto available.

As one of the leading providers of specialist advisory services for medical professionals, MediClub is uniquely positioned to give financial advice to doctors and dentists. With our in-house staff of seasoned financial advisors, along with our partnership with Wealth Management experts Chantler Kent Investments, MediClub focuses on creating a nurturing and professional relationship with clients.

We look forward to being of service to you.

Savings and Investment Planning

Impartial, objective and professional financial advice